PHP has several strengths. Not only is it Open Source, but it is available on a wide range of platforms and external hosting is widely available. Good performance, easy to use as a development language, plus excellent integration with a strong Open Source database – MySQL.

Let’s look at some key components for a comparison:

Open Source – Yes

Object Oriented – Yes

Compiled Code – No

Scripted Language – Yes

Licensing Cost – No licensing cost

Platforms – Multiple

Hardware Costs – Inexpensive servers

Staffing – Reasonably easy to find qualified admin staff

External Hosting – Inexpensive and widely available

Security – Very Good

Performance – Very good

Scalability – Scales nicely

Admin – Not so easy. Numerous configurations, text file editing, reading documentation

Available Frameworks – Again, numerous. Choice then difficult.

Compatibility – Good. New versions are usually backward compatible.

In my next post I’ll look at .NET using the same parameters.