.NET – Strengths and Weaknesses

September 18th, 2009

The biggest strengths of .NET are its widespread use and ease of finding skilled developers and admin, primarily due to the fact that so many companies already run Windows based servers.  While it has wide adoption in Windows based organizations, this platform is not as frequently seen in startups which start from a clean slate and are more cost conscious.

Let’s look at some key components for a comparison:

Open Source – No

Object Oriented – Yes

Compiled Code – Yes

Scripted Language – No

Licensing Cost – Expensive licensing costs

Platforms – Windows

Hardware Costs – Mid-range costs

Staffing – Easy to find qualified admin staff

External Hosting – Available, but more expensive than PHP

Security – Getting better

Performance – The better the hardware the better the performance

Scalability – Can be difficult

Admin – Easy

Available Frameworks – One standardized framework.

Compatibility – Mid-range.  New releases sometimes break functionality.