Benefits of PHP Frameworks

January 15th, 2012

Working with PHP Frameworks usually makes going live with a site much easier, primarily because the simplicity in using PHP sometimes acts against it. Since there are very few coding restrictions, developers tend to write a bad code

Some of the primary advantages of using a PHP framework are:

  1. Finish coding faster: Frameworks help the developers to write code in a shorter amount of time. In startups, time is is money, and money is in short supply. Not working with a framework means you reinvent the wheel every time.
  2. Coding consistency: The MVC code is easy to write and also follows the code restrictions. Due to a uniform and standard coding, things are simpler and bugs can be resolved faster. This also makes maintaining the code easier when multiple people work on the project or one developer initially writes the MVP and someone else has the responsibility for adding functionality.
  3. Code Recycling: By using PHP frameworks in web development, most basic features are almost same, and thus you can recycle the code (modified if necessary) of any module in different projects.
  4. Reliability: PHP frameworks already run millions of applications. They have been tested and proven, giving your application a very solid foundation.
  5. Debugging: PHP frameworks have their own specific debugging methodologies that allow you to easily identify errors in your development.
  6. Community Assistance: You can always ask for help in the very active framework community.
  7. Capability/Functionality: The frameworks have numerous functions that have been developed to assist in developing your application. There are functions for handling date formats, database connections, handling emails, editing strings etc. You no longer need to manually enter all the validation criteria for forms etc. You merely instantiate a new form validator object and instruct it as you wish. The framework will handle the rest.

An important consideration though is that Frameworks are for experienced people. Rails has the same problem, but maybe in even worse form, as most Rails coders have their first exposure to Ruby through Rails and not starting as a Ruby developer.

The bottom line is that frameworks considerably speed up the development of an application and contribute to a greater ease of maintainability and the adding of functionality.